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If you are trying to find a kids' friendly dentist, you have come to the right place.  At Stephanie Collins DDS, we provide comprehensive dental care for children that are getting their first baby teeth all the way to teens getting ready for college.  We can grow with your child and understand what type of care they need during each stage of development.  This is critically important because children do require specific care that is different than what is needed by adults.  If you live in Flagstaff, AZ or the surrounding area, we invite you to call (928) 774-0131 and schedule an appointment so that you can experience how different a kids friendly dentist office can be. 

Those living in the 86001 will notice the difference from the very first phone call to our office.  Our staff is warm and welcoming, and since we work with so many kids, we understand the importance of working within a busy family schedule.  If you have more than one child – let us know, and we will be happy to schedule their appointments for at or near the same time.  This way, you only have to make one trip to our dental office and have more time to spend running to school and soccer practice.  We can also mail you a copy of your new patient forms so that you can fill them out when time allows, instead of in the waiting room.  At Stephanie Collins DDS, we do our best to make visiting the dentist as easy and convenient as possible. 

When visiting our Flagstaff, AZ dental office, you will notice how kid friendly our office is.  As kids' friendly dentist office, we don’t simply cater to the adult crowd and have designed our waiting room to be fun and comfortable for kids.  Here you will find toys, books, coloring supplies and other things to make our young patients feel both comfortable and relaxed.  This is important because visiting the dentist is a new experience and for some children, this is intimidating.  By making the atmosphere welcoming, our young patients can unwind and be at ease when getting their teeth examined. 

As a kids' friendly dentist, we understand that each child is different and, therefore, the approach to dental care must also be different and based on their individual needs.  This extends beyond what their oral health concerns may be to how they interact with a dentist and the process of having their teeth examined in the first place.  We have found that it is best to let the child set the pace and, instead of pushing it, we sometimes break up the initial appointment into two visits – one for the exam and one for the cleaning.  This is often necessary for ensuring that a young child hold still and is relaxed while their teeth are being cleaned.  While this can take more time, it is critical for instilling a sense of trust and comfort with the dentist.  As a parent, you have the opportunity to establish a pattern for long-term oral health and these initial steps are a part of that. In our Flagstaff dental office, we will work with you to create a dental health plan that works for your child and ensures that they remain as healthy as possible while also enjoying their time at our kids friendly dentist office.  If you live in the 86001 area, we invite you to call (928) 774-0131 and schedule their examination.