With pediatric dentistry, it’s never too early for a fabulous smile.  We treat children as soon as they start getting their baby teeth in and recommend that every child visit the dentist prior to starting school. Good oral health starts at a very early age, and pediatric dentistry makes it possible for our youngest patients to stay healthy as they grow.  At Stephanie Collins DDS, we are conveniently located in Flagstaff, AZ and invite you to schedule a dental exam by calling (928) 774-0131.

One challenge that parents face when taking their child to the dentist is overcoming any anxieties that they may have.  In our 86001 dental office, we recommend that you prepare for their first appointment by visiting the local library and checking out books on visiting the dentist.  Reading about their favorite cartoon character having their teeth cleaned or cavity fixed, can make a young child feel more comfortable with the process overall.  Some shows on PBS have also featured episode where a child visits the dentist. You can follow up with a game of make-believe.  Grab a few dolls or stuffed animals, a toothbrush, and a flashlight then pretend that your child is the dentist and help them to examine their toys teeth. At Stephanie Collins DDS, we have found that when a child can act something out, they have the opportunity to work through any of the concerns that they have and end up feeling more empowered overall. By taking these steps, your child is likely to enjoy visiting our pediatric dentistry office where it is never too early for a fabulous smile.

With a motto of pediatric dentistry: never too early for a fabulous smile, we understand that preventative care is essential for ensuring that your child has a healthy and beautiful smile both now and into the future.  During their dental exam and teeth cleaning there are steps we can take to strengthen their teeth and prevent cavities.  For example, in our 86001 dental office we recommend a fluoride treatment until they are a teenager since fluoride is a mineral that, when placed on the teeth, will prevent cavities from forming. Simultaneously, if your child has deep ridges in their teeth, we may want to provide a sealant so that the ridges are sealed, and bacteria cannot gather there.  While simple, these preventative steps can help your child to avoid discomfort down the road. Stephanie Collins DDS will also educate your child as to how they can stay healthy at home by showing them how to brush and floss correctly while also discussing healthy food choices.  In this way, we partner with you, the parent, to ensure that your child remains healthy.

Preventative care can also help your child to avoid the need for braces, or at least to decrease the need.  One common reason that children need orthodontics is that their baby teeth fall out too early, and when they do, the surrounding teeth encroach upon the space that was being held for a permanent adult tooth.  This leads to overcrowding and forces the adult tooth to grow in crooked or behind other teeth.  By helping your child to have healthy and strong teeth, they will be less susceptible to becoming damaged and unlikely to need to be removed due to infection.  

If you live in Flagstaff, AZ or surrounding area, we invite you to call (928) 774-0131 and schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentistry office.  If you have more than one child, let us know, and we will try to schedule an appointment for both of them at the same time.