Teeth WhiteningIf you have been thinking about teeth whitening, you are not alone.  This is a popular trend that nearly everyone has thought about. With all of the advertisements and options at the drug store, it can be difficult to tell the truth from fiction.  Given that most people have limited time, understanding some basic facts can help you to know what works and doesn’t before you buy your first tube of whitening toothpaste.

Here’s the scoop –

The Good

You can have a gorgeous smile with a teeth whitening treatment.  If you want a solution that produces dramatic results, however, you should visit our dental office.  We can use a teeth whitening solution that is stronger than anything you can buy at the drug store.  Our solution will penetrate through your enamel to make your teeth eight shades whiter or more.  We will remove the deep stains that make your teeth appear dark or yellow, rather than simply removing the yellowing on the surface.  Simultaneously, when you visit the dentist, you can be sure that your teeth won’t feel sensitive afterwards.  This is important because too often, home solutions can permanently damage teeth by stripping the enamel (something that cannot be replaced).

The Bad (failures and risks)

One common problem that people have with solutions bought in the store is that they don’t work like they are supposed to.  Some of this makes sense if you understand what is involved.  For example, if you want your teeth to become white, the solution must be on the teeth long enough to make a difference. When you use a whitening pen or a whitening toothpaste, they are washed off immediately and, therefore, don’t have the time or strength to really work.  Simultaneously, a lot of whitening strips will slip out of place right away, so they don’t work too well either.  If you try something that doesn’t work like you wanted it to – do not try it again.  Overuse is the main cause of teeth sensitivity after whitening.

Additionally, if you buy whitening trays in the store, they tend to fail because the whitening solution will leak out of the trays and into your mouth.  This can be so gross that a lot of people simply give up.  However, if you have whitening trays created at the dentist, they will fit perfectly, and the solution will stay in place. Your teeth can become bright and white this way, without the unpleasantry.

The Solution

If you want to have a bright and beautiful smile the first place to start is in our dentist office.  Schedule a teeth cleaning so that we can remove the plaque and tartar that may be turning your teeth yellow or causing surface stains.  After ensuring that your teeth and gums are healthy, we can then whiten your teeth and do so in a way that is effective without causing sensitivity.  If you want amazing results, we can give them to you so call today.