Emergency DentistIf you have ever experienced a dental emergency, you know the importance of being able to visit an emergency dentist at a moment’s notice. Our emergency dentist office can provide you with discomfort relief and any number of dental prevention methods or restorations. If your tooth has been injured or you are experiencing scary dental symptoms, don’t wait for a dentist office to have an opening when we can get you in right away. 

It is incredibly important to know when you should see an emergency dentist

•    If you have bitten your tongue seriously:

It may sound silly, but biting your tongue may not always be a trivial matter. Sometimes you can bite your tongue or cheek so hard that you will need sutures immediately. If this is the case, put ice or a cold press on the area to reduce bleeding and swelling and visit our emergency dentist office immediately for help. We can evaluate the seriousness of the problem and provide sutures and antibiotics as needed before your injury gets more sore or infected.

•    If you have knocked out your tooth:

If you know where the tooth is, rinse it off and preserve it until you come to our emergency dentist office. In some cases, we can save your natural tooth and place it back in your mouth. If your tooth has experienced too much damage, we can fabricate a replacement for you in a dental bridge or dental implant form.

•    If your filling or crown has become dislodged or loose:

If you notice a sharp pain or the complete absence of your filling or crown, we can replace it. We can create your filling or crown with the materials you desire. We have very natural looking tooth-colored options and durable and resilient materials.

•    If you have chipped your tooth:

If you have chipped your tooth, you may be experiencing discomfort and embarrassment from the disruption to your physical appearance it has caused. As an emergency dentist, we can relieve your discomfort and provide you with an attractive looking fill for your chip. We use a bonding method, crown, or a veneer to mend your broken tooth. Which method we use depends on the severity of the break. Both methods look and feel natural and will provide you with the whole tooth restoration you want.

•    If you are experiencing a dental abscess:

A dental abscess can be a serious problem. It normally means your tooth has become infected. Immediate treatment is encouraged to prevent more serious infection or tooth loss.  Our emergency dentist can give you antibiotics to kill the infection, and as needed we can complete a thorough cleaning or root canal to save your tooth.

Whether your dental needs are as small as a losing a filling or as big as needing a root canal, we can offer you the support you need. Be aware of when you shouldn’t hesitate to visit our emergency dentist. It can be vital for your oral health and your overall health to visit a dentist as soon as possible.